Tammy McCann and Laurence Hobgood ~ Partner for Success

Whenever  embarking on a new artistic journey I want to take the listener with me.  Over the last few years several songs in my shows have really stuck out to me as being autobiographical in some ways.  So guided by the stories of these songs I wanted to record a project that is personal and expresses my feelings about, and experiences with LOVE.  I know we all have “Love Stories…” ,experiences that shaped us and made us who we are…. the smiles and the scars.  I think Laurence’s arrangements have such strong imagery and our partnership was so natural we started to read each others minds and really connect.  I see this as a long time collaboration and I hope you enjoy the music.

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Musical Soul Mate

Its not often in life you meet someone that finishes your musical sentences but I am a very lucky girl.  My arranger and teaching partner John Paluch is that for me.  He takes all my musical ideas and gives them life .  Whether its a choral part I want to teach to a room full of 10 year olds or original big band orchestration.  He creates such hip backdrops to my interpretations of this amazing music we both love.  I stole a line from him that I tell to all my students, ” The notes are on the page but the music is in you”.   Thanks everyday for the music my friend.

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Jazz Showcase Success


Wow, what am amazing crowd!! Thank you so much Chicago for the fantastic turn out for each show this weekend!!  I felt you come along with me on each song and every note I sang was filled with your energy and I can’t wait till we can do it again.

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Tammy The Tenor

 So glad I was in town to celebrate the 80thbirthday of my very first jazz mentor Tenor Master Von Freeman. He and his brother Guitarist, George Freeman gave me my start in a little club called Baijee -Man’s on the South Side of Chicago. Another Vonsky alum was in the house, Kurt Elling . Sitting in with the band brought back great memories.  I’ve put together a tribute concert dedicated to Von called Tammy McCann and the Four Tenors featuring , ARI BROWN, ERIC SCHNEIDER, JOEL FRAHM & KEVIN NABORS debuting at THE JAZZ SHOWCASE in Chicago March 1-4 ,  2012.  Please join us if you can.

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Only in NYC can this happen. I’m on the plane heading to NYC and strike up a chat with Nathan and Brian the guys sitting next to me.  Their from Galveston,TX  and we’re having a great old time when I ask “why are you going to NYC”? “ To see a friend of ours who’s a jazz singer at the Metropolitan Room you should come as our guest.” What a coincidence , I’m a jazz singer whats her name?” When theY told me I thought I would faint,.. MARILYN MAYE?!!!  You have got to be kidding me!!! Well an amazing time was had by all.   Ms. Maye was superb, it was like a master class in how to keep an audience in the palm of your hand for 2hrs.   At 84 her voice was strong and lush, what a special night.
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Just back from NYC and the APAP Conference where I performed in Pat & Allen Harris’ Harlem Jazz Suite . What a blast!!! Such fantastic musicians Kyle Eastwood and Grace Kelly . And thanks so much to my guys, Jon Weber on Piano, Lonnie Plaxico on Bass & Steve Williams on Drums you guys were swingin. Allan Harris my goodness what can’t you do. Your the best !!

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NPR Piano Jazz Rising Stars




WOW!! What a great time I had in S Carolina with Jon Weber new host of Piano Jazz. After listening and being a member of NPR all these years who would of thought I would get NPR interview. The crew at S. Carolina ETV was wonderful we had a great time Thank Shari, Grant and Dana and the rest of the team at ETV. Thanks so much to Jon your one of a kind and I am humbled by your kind words and support.

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I was really fortunate to have a partner like MaryAnn Topper who helped me put together the most amazing band.  Let me tell you about these NYC Lions.








There are many piano players but very few accompanist, Bruce Barth is by far one of the most accomplished accompanist in Jazz today.  He has a great touch which can only be matched by the strong pulse of the notes he wraps around a vocalist.  Critics hale “No one sounds quite like Barth…his solos are characterized by robust swing, his ability to tell a story and his rich beguiling sound.




My NY experience was made even more special because of a hard strumming virtuoso by the name of Richie Goods.  What a prolific talent .  His chameleonic ability to go from swing to funk  effortlessly is what makes him one the most sought after bassists working today.  Fromm Christina Aguilera to Roy Haynes Richie’s got the goods.





The driving force behind every show was the pulse kept by world renowned drummer Steve Williams.  How do you describe a master?  No matter the request clave, swing,  afro cuban; William’s hard charging rhythms brought the tunes to life.  His energy and steady groove framed each musical conversation.




Well I had no idea I would have a back up singer but that’s how one record executive described the experience of hearing Joel and I riff off of each other.   We had an instant symbiotic connection, he always knew where I was going and met me there.  With a cascade of melodic lines that were filled with enthusiasm and soul.  I can’t wait to work with him again.

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At SMALLS Jazz Club Bruce Barth and I were able to close out the tour with a bang.  With such an intimate setting you could hear the slightest whisper. The crowd was so   It allowed me to dig deep and explore the songs in different ways. The crowd was so envolved and gave us so much energy and we were able to draw the attention of some of the biggest names in NY Jazz.  Syndicated columnist and cultural critic Stanley Crouch and Village Vanguard Club Owner Lorraine Gordan graces us with there presence.  And a surprise gift from the universe Emmy award winning documentary film maker Robert Levi was in attendance and after the show mention that they were about to release his award winning documentary  “Billy Strayhorn: Lush Life” world wide as a full length DVD and he wanted to interview me about the Strayhorn influence on my music.  I now know how it feels for the world to seemingly open up to you over night.  Wow!!

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The Crown Jewel of the Tour was Jazz at Lincoln Center’s, Dizzy’s Club CoCa Cola.  It was everything I thought it would be.  There was an electricity in the room the minute I took the stage.  It was was like the band and I were one.  When the crowd comes on the musical journey with you, you can get in a zone and that’s when  magic happens. It was great to see my dear Ann Hampton-Calloway in the audience and share with the audience a musical gift she gave me “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”.   We got a great review in Inside Jazz Magazine’s  August Issue.  Check it out.

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